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Consumer Goods and Services

Labour's nationalisation price tag would start at 196bn, CBI says

2019-10-14 01:03:00| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The CBI employers' group claims Labour's plans would cost the combined health and education budgets.

Category: Consumer Goods and Services

Facebook's digital currency dealt another blow

2019-10-14 01:01:11| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Leaders of the G7 group of the world's biggest economies issue warning about digital coins like Libra.

Category: Consumer Goods and Services

What Brexit means for half-term holiday plans

2019-10-14 01:00:28| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Costs, paperwork, and the healthcare safety net may all be affected. Here's what you need to know.

Category: Consumer Goods and Services

Information Technology

Setting Up Roadblocks to Social Engineering

2019-10-11 12:06:05| TechNewsWorld

Since the dawn of the Internet age, criminals have looked for ways to profit on unsuspecting people while they browse the Web. Viruses, malware and other schemes were invented to infect and infiltrate systems, both at the enterprise and consumer levels. One of the most successful forms of cybercrime is social engineering, also known as the con man of the Internet.

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Category: Information Technology

Austrumi Linux Has Great Potential if You Speak Its Language

2019-10-10 20:55:25| TechNewsWorld

Austrumi Linux is an unusual distribution. With a little more polish, it could be a good tool for running Linux on any computer you touch without changing anything on the hard drive. Last updated on Oct. 3 to version 4.08, Austrumi Linux is a bootable live Linux distribution based on Slackware Linux. It was created and is maintained by a group of programmers from the Latgale region of Latvia.

Tags: its great language potential

Category: Information Technology

Stop Cyberattacks in Their Tracks: Secure IT

2019-10-10 11:40:23| TechNewsWorld

Stopping cyberattacks requires diligent behavior. One of the themes of this year's National Cyber Security Awareness Month, or NCSAM, is that all computer users should take steps to Secure IT. That means shaking up the passphrase protocol by using not just strong passwords but strong and unique passphrases. Everyone should double login protection through multifactor authentication.

Category: Information Technology

Real Estate

Google Expands Plans for its Massive Second Headquarters in San Jose

2019-10-11 18:50:00| National Real Estate Investor

The company's planned campus may be larger than previously expected.

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Category: Real Estate

NREI's Common Area, Episode 19

2019-10-11 18:26:00| National Real Estate Investor

Hear the latest scoop on CRE investors growing interest in casino hotels and investors steady attraction to medical office buildings.  

Category: Real Estate

Seven Takeaways from the CRE CLO Conference 2019

2019-10-11 18:15:00| National Real Estate Investor

CRE CLO issuance is on track to overtake both 2017 and 2018 levels.

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Category: Real Estate


Ambani and Mittal to skip Indias top telecoms show, following IUC spat

2019-10-13 02:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

Reliance Jio’s Mukesh Ambani and Bharti Airtel’s Sunil Mittal will not attend this year’s India Mobile Congress, as their respective companies continue to ramp up the rhetoric over the implementation of the Interconnect Usage Charge. Both Ambani and Mittal have been key attendees at previous iterations of the show…read more on »

Tags: top show skip telecoms

Category: Telecommunications

Culture: The biggest barrier to digital transformation

2019-10-13 02:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

As operator around the world rush to deploy their fledgling 5G mobile networks, digital transformation remains one of the industry's hot topics. The technology demands it, and those operators who are to profit most from their next generation networks will be the ones who invest in digital transformation. But what good is digital transformation, if your workforce is stuck in a manual, process driven mindset? With this in mind Total Telecom has launched the Culture Transformation Award, in association with Zenith Choice…read more on »

Tags: digital culture biggest transformation

Category: Telecommunications

ZTE and China Mobile launch standalone 5G trial in China

2019-10-13 02:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

ZTE and China Mobile have successfully launched China’s first standalone 5G site, allowing the pair to showcase a range of edge computing, network slicing and smart manufacturing use cases…read more on »

Tags: in china mobile trial

Category: Telecommunications