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Consumer Goods and Services

Human-eye VR

2018-03-23 01:16:44| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

VR has suffered from an image problem, so could very high resolution headsets be the answer?

Category: Consumer Goods and Services

Match fit

2018-03-23 01:06:06| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Swiss watchmakers are turning to smart devices in a bid to take on Apple and Samsung.

Category: Consumer Goods and Services

Financial ombudsman to review complaints

2018-03-23 01:03:15| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Move follows concerns that banks may have been wrongly favoured by inexperienced staff.

Category: Consumer Goods and Services

Information Technology

HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 fn2 Document Capture Workstation

2018-03-22 22:15:03| PC Magazine Scanners Product Guide

The HP Digital Sender Flow 8500, with its tablet control panel and built-in keyboard and hard disk, is a powerful, if expensive, network document scanner for midsize to large offices.

Tags: document digital flow capture

Category: Information Technology

The New Oculus Go Slashes VRs Entry Price Without Gutting Quality

2018-03-22 21:11:59| Extremetech

The new Oculus Go promises a standalone VR experience at a much lower price point. Early previews suggest it nails that balance. The post The New Oculus Go Slashes VR’s Entry Price Without Gutting Quality appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Tags: price without quality entry

Category: Information Technology

Best Buy Will Reportedly Stop Selling Huawei Phones

2018-03-22 20:36:00| Extremetech

Huawei managed to squeak past Apple last year to become the world's second largest smartphone maker, thanks to huge success in Asia and Europe. However, the US market remains a tough nut to crack. The post Best Buy Will Reportedly Stop Selling Huawei Phones appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Tags: buy stop selling phones

Category: Information Technology

Real Estate

Amazon Seeks Larger Whole Foods Stores to Support Delivery Plans

2018-03-22 18:24:06| National Real Estate Investor

The worlds largest online retailer is searching for bigger Whole Foods locations in cities that can serve as both grocery stores and urban distribution centers.

Tags: support larger stores delivery

Category: Real Estate

Some Toys `R' Us Stores May Be Worthless, Deutsche Bank Says

2018-03-22 18:24:06| National Real Estate Investor

As many as 26 of the weakest properties in a 2016 commercial mortgage-bond deal secured by 123 Toys R Us stores may have little or no value.

Tags: stores toys says bank

Category: Real Estate

10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today (March 22, 2018)

2018-03-22 17:26:16| National Real Estate Investor

The Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate on Wednesday, reports MarketWatch. Starwood Capital Group is making a bid to acquire part of an Austrian property firm, according to Reuters. These are among todays must reads from around the commercial real estate industry.

Tags: today march industry reads

Category: Real Estate


Dutch Fixed Telephony 2017-Q4

2018-03-22 15:55:00| Telecompaper Reports

This report analyses developments in the Dutch mass market (consumer & SOHO) for fixed telephony in the fourth quarter of 2017, and compares the findings with previous quarters. The analysis is based on Telecompaper's continuous research into the development of the Dutch communication services market. The focus is on KPN as the only national fixed network operator and the VoIP services provided by cable network operators (Ziggo, Delta en Caiway) and DSL network operators (Tele2, T-Mobile, and others) as well as via fibre networks (KPN, Caiway, Tele2, T-Mobile, and others).

Tags: fixed dutch telephony 2017q4

Category: Telecommunications

Mexico switches on Red Compartida wholesale network in a third of country

2018-03-22 13:43:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) Mexico's Promoting Body of Investment in Telecommunications (Promtel) has announced that the country's 'Red Compartida' wholesale 4G shared network has finally gone live on the 700MHz band some 10 days ahead of schedule. The network initially covers some 32.2 percent of the country's population, including large parts of Aguascalientes, Celaya, Colima, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Morelia, Puebla, Queretaro, Tepic, Toluca and Mexico City, as well as 29 of the country's 111 "Pueblos Magicos" tourist destinations. "In six years' time, Mexico will be the world's third most connected country," said the country's president Enrique Pena Nieto at the launch of the service held in the headquarters of Altan Redes, the consortium awarded the 20-year concession to build and run the network.

Tags: of country red network

Category: Telecommunications

Tele2 NL gains, Vodafone loses in shrinking Dutch mobile market in 2017

2018-03-22 09:39:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) The Dutch mobile sector last year again experienced a decline in revenues, down 4.4 percent from 2016, according to Telecompaper's latest Dutch Mobile Operators report. The combined revenue from mobile services at KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Tele2 amounted to EUR 4.5 billion in 2017. Revenues have been steadily declining in recent years, falling 4.0 percent in 2016 and down 3.3 percent in 2015. The drop accelerated in 2017, but has not yet equaled the 7.5 percent fall recorded in 2014.

Tags: market mobile dutch gains

Category: Telecommunications