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MGI sells three JETvarnish presses in Israel

2018-08-13 22:00:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

The presses produce detailed 2D spot gloss highlights, 3D dimensional textures and richly embossed foil applications.

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Mesirow Financial assists Ingenious Packaging with sale to RLG

2018-08-13 21:54:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

The financial advisor is very active in the paper, plastics, packaging and specialty print sectors.

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Steering Committee approves new initiatives for ICE USA 2019

2018-08-13 18:33:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

One new initiative will be to expand the educational sessions offered at the show for converting industry professionals.

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Pakistan Yarn Prices: Domestic and Export Markets (Weekly Report)

2018-08-13 17:22:29| EmergingTextiles.com

Cotton yarn prices have begun further rising in the last seven days in Pakistan over a new rebound of cotton fiber prices, our correspondent reports. Demand is recovering after the election period whereas polyester fiber prices could further increase. Our weekly review offers a comprehensive picture of the domestic and export yarn markets in Pakistan, with cotton yarns, polyester-cotton, polyester-viscose, polyester spun and viscose spun prices being covered. All these weekly data are available for download over a 12-month period.

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Polyester Chain Prices: PX, PTA, MEG and Fiber Prices (Weekly Report)

2018-08-13 17:22:29| EmergingTextiles.com

The polyester chain still rides the paraxylene train towards higher prices, as prices for PTA, polyester chips, polyester filament yarns and staple fiber are all up this week. The supply shortage on the PTA market suggests that prices will continue to rise, although perhaps at a slower rate. Our weekly report covers the polyester chain in Asia, including PX (paraxylene), PTA (purified terephthalic acid), MEG (mono-ethylene glycol), polyester chips, and polyester staple and filament prices. Asian Contract Prices (ACPs) are also available for the PX, PTA and MEG markets in Asia, with 5-year charts and downloadable historical data.

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Yazoo Mills expands second manufacturing facility

2018-08-13 17:06:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

The 90,000-square-foot facility houses the newest manufacturing technology and provides increased winding capacity.

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Mark Andy adds three new models to Performance Series line

2018-08-13 16:27:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

The P9E, P7E and P5E presses are engineered to support ever-evolving converter needs.

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Labelink acquires Safety Seal Plastic

2018-08-13 16:21:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

The company's sixth acquisition since 2004 increases its presence in Canada's flexible packaging market.

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Chemtex Appoints Regional Sales Manager

2018-08-13 15:56:00| Nonwovens Industry Breaking News

Donna Ouellette joins manufacturer of spill control and sorbent products

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

New Era Converting partners will Goldenrod

2018-08-13 15:52:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

For air shafts and safety chucks, New Era relies on Goldenrods expertise in multi-bladder shaft and safety chuck technology.

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

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