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Feet on the Street Campaign Aims to Improve Recycling in Lafayette, LA

2020-11-17 13:33:00| Waste Age

Lafayette, LA Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) and The Recycling Partnership are working together to reduce waste and improve curbside recycling in the city of Lafayette.The Feet on the Street campaign will educate residents on the importa

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Ambrosias Weeks Creates Scalable Food Waste Solution

2020-11-17 13:12:00| Waste Age

With her company Ambrosia, Amanda Weeks, Co-Founder and CEO, has worked to build a scalable solution for food waste recycling. Ambrosia uses biological and mechanical processes to recover water from food waste and create value byproducts. Earlier thi

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Category: Energy and Environment

Waste Management Stakeholders Weigh in on Likely Outcomes of a Biden Administration

2020-11-17 13:07:00| Waste Age

After four years of a Republican-run White House, Democratic President-Elect Joe Biden will take the helm, with sharply contrasting agendas around fiscal/tax and environmental policies. While President Donald Trump rolled back multiple regulations a

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Category: Energy and Environment

Paterson, NJ to Build New Recycling Center

2020-11-16 13:20:00| Waste Age

Paterson, NJ officials are building a new recycling center to be named the Montgomery Street Recycling Center. The recycling center will have four bays each with 40-yard dumpsters for bottles, cans, papers and cardboards and tree brushes for resident

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Category: Energy and Environment

Together for Safer Roads (TSR) Along with Partners AB InBev, PepsiCo & Republic Services Announce Launch of Future Fleets

2020-11-16 12:51:00| Waste Age

NEW YORK  -- In honor of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, Together for Safer Roads (TSR), a coalition of leading businesses and public sector leaders announce a design challenge to improve fleet safety and save lives:&

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Category: Energy and Environment

Conagra Redesigns Packaging for Sustainability

2020-11-16 08:00:00| Waste Age

Major packaged food company Conagra Brands is aiming to make 100% of its plastic packaging renewable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025, and its latest step in that direction is a new design for its bulk-size Swiss Miss hot cocoa containers. Created

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Category: Energy and Environment

Episode 84: A Chat with Patrick Dovigi, CEO of GFL Environmental

2020-11-16 08:00:00| Waste Age

With a vision to create a "one-stop shop" environmental solutions company, Patrick Dovigi founded GFL in 2007, which has since grown into a diverse network of facilities across Canada and in 23 U.S. states, becoming the 4th largest environmental serv

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Category: Energy and Environment

Virtual Open House for Machinex 50th Anniversary

2020-11-16 07:00:00| Waste Age

Machinex is celebrating its 50th anniversary as an equipment manufacturer and wanted to share this moment with its customers and business partners. Due to the current world environment, the company decided to organize a virtual Open House from the Pl

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Category: Energy and Environment

Clean Earth Projects to Process More than 13 Million Aerosol Cans in 2020

2020-11-16 07:00:00| Waste Age

HATBORO, Pa.   Clean Earth, one of the largest specialty waste companies in the United States, today announced that its Clean Earth Aerosol Recycling System expects to process 13 million aerosol cans by the end of 2020, an 85% increase fro

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Category: Energy and Environment

Its Time to Remove the Recycling Symbol from Plastics (Commentary)

2020-11-16 07:00:00| Waste Age

Confusing. Complicated. Frustrating. Weve all heard these complaints from the public about plastics recycling for years. But in the past two years, the tone of the comments has markedly shifted. Now we hear: Misleading. Fraudulent. Counterproductive

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Category: Energy and Environment

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