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Small Businesses Are Dying by the ThousandsAnd No One Is Tracking the Carnage

2020-08-12 15:55:00| National Real Estate Investor

Firms with fewer than 500 employees account for 44 percent of U.S. economic activity and employ almost half of U.S. workers.

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Coronavirus lockdown: The Indian migrants dying to get home

2020-05-20 01:11:49| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Many poor Indians, fleeing hunger in locked down cities, have died of exhaustion or in accidents.

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Mountain Warehouse boss: 'The High Street is changing, but not dying'

2020-01-02 08:19:03| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Mountain Warehouse's founder does not subscribe to the "doom and gloom view" of retail.

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News Blog: Pedestrians over age 65 at greater risk of dying in Portland traffic crashes

2019-07-31 02:13:37| PortlandOnline

In the last five years, adults ages 65 or older made up 28% of pedestrian traffic deaths in Portland

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Can Northampton's 'dying' High Street be saved?

2019-04-01 01:06:36| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Northampton has lost three major retailers in five years. What can be done to stop the "downward spiral"?

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