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Predicting the Death of the Mall, One J.C. Penney at a Time

2017-10-11 23:12:20| National Real Estate Investor

Analysts at System2 LLC, a big-data startup, have identified another 197 stores at risk.

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Historical wildlife trends reliable for predicting species at risk

2017-08-02 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] Some of the methods used to predict at risk species are trend-based - an indicator of what happens gradually over time - while others are trait based, which uses signs of climate change in the current environment. Mix these methods together, however, and you get an unreliable set of results, scientist have found. The researchers are calling for guidelines produced by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, the world's main authority on …

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The power of prescience: Predicting and preventing blackouts on the US power grid

2017-07-20 01:00:00| Power Technology

Based on analysis of blackouts from over the last 50 years, start-up Prescient Transmission Systems has developed a predictive methodology designed to ensure the US power grid doesnt go down. Ross Davies spoke to CEO and founder Jerry Wolfe to find

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Predicting the impact of high insoluble fiber ingredient on carcass yield

2017-06-15 17:46:00| National Hog Farmer

Fiber withdrawal strategies appear to recover carcass yield with the magnitude depending on the NDF level of the last two dietary phases as well as the fiber withdrawal length.

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UNC Improves System For Predicting New Product Risk

2016-11-18 06:42:00| Chemical Processing

A new structural alert system could reduce years and millions of dollars from bringing a new drug or product to market.

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