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Ryanair cancels 250 flights across Europe on Friday

2018-09-28 01:13:10| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Pilots and cabin crew in six countries walk out on Friday in a dispute over contracts and conditions.

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Ryanair to cancel 190 flights on Friday across Europe

2018-09-25 16:53:59| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Unions say Ryanair faces its biggest day of industrial action as they fight for better conditions.

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Brexit: Flights 'at risk' under no-deal, government warns

2018-09-24 19:15:22| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Government papers warn airlines would lose automatic rights to fly from UK to EU without an agreement.

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Qantas mulls plane gyms as prepares for 20-hour flights

2018-09-19 01:14:53| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The Australian airline wants to launch non-stop flights between London and Sydney by 2022.

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Ryanair cancels German flights ahead of strike

2018-09-11 15:30:20| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The budget airline cancels 150 flights out of 400 on Wednesday on routes to and from Germany.

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