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Oil and Gas Construction and Process Industry standards developments

2021-02-27 09:12:08| Oil IT Journal - www.oilit.com

IOGP provides update on CFIHOS, the capital facilities information handover standard. USPI-NL releases draft FL3DMS (Facilities Lifecycle 3D Model Specification), working on practical implementation of ISO 15926. Mapping the CFIHOS reference data library to ISO 15926. UK's National Digital Twin (!).

Tags: process industry construction standards


2020 Energy Conference Networks Machine Learning in Oil and Gas

2021-02-27 09:12:08| Oil IT Journal - www.oilit.com

Quantum Reservoir, 'oilfield data is convoluted'. Shell Tech Ventures' cash for innovators. WalMart's NexTech unit minimizes vendor dependence. Riverford on Bureau of Economic Geology's TORA, 'big data for small companies'. Warwick, Neo4J Graph Technology for leasehold analysis. LANL's 'fat neurons', physics-informed neural nets. Texas A&M, drones, AI and oil spills.

Tags: learning energy machine conference


2020 LBCG Oil & Gas Pipeline Integrity & Data Utilization Solutions

2021-02-27 09:12:08| Oil IT Journal - www.oilit.com

Virtual event hears from API on latest PHMSA pipeline safety rules. Analysis of the new 'mega rule' from Paramount Energy and Crestwood. Enterprise Product Partners presents PipelineML. Williams' plans for inspections out to 2035, big data and risk analysis.

Tags: data solutions gas oil


Quantum computing in oil and gas. Yes really!

2021-02-27 09:12:08| Oil IT Journal - www.oilit.com

BP joins IBM Quantum Network. Quantum computing to propel BP's Net-Zero initiative. Total appoints 'Head of Quantum Computing'. GENCI and QCWare attack the 'generalized pooling problem'. La Maison du Quantique opens its doors.

Tags: really yes gas oil


Oil and Gas Investor Special Report: Executive Energy Graduate Programs

2021-02-26 23:00:00| OGI

Graduate energy education takes multiple forms, and it could help industry professionals, including executives, address the sectors present and future challenges. These brief overviews of U.S.-based graduate business and technical programs are intended to help readers identify programs relevant to them.

Tags: special report programs energy


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